Answers to common questions about Lumsden Beach Camp

What is the ratio of counselors to campers at camps?

Lumsden Beach Camp follows the Saskatchewan Camping Association Accreditation Standards and ensures there is a maximum of eight campers per counselor for 8 years of age or older and six campers per counselor for under 8 years of age.

What form of payment is accepted for summer camp?

LBC registration payments can be made online with PayPal or you can register via mail and pay by money order or cheque. Registration will be confirmed only once payment is received. Please note that we do not accept cash or debit payments for Camps.

What experience and qualifications do counsellors have?

Lumsden Beach Camp counselors are carefully screened. We hire only qualified individuals. We look for students that have experience working with children, are pursuing careers working with children, have a clear criminal record, first aid training and have excellent references. The counselors are under the supervision of the camp director.

How quickly should I register my child for Summer Camp?

Summer camps do fill up quickly. The easiest, quickest and most secure way to register is online. Our registration system will be updated as camps become full.

Does LBC offer child care before and after Summer Camps?

Lumsden Beach Camp is not able to provide additional care before or after regular Summer Camp hours. Camp times also vary, check your registration confirmation.

Can LBC accommodate children with special needs?

LBC welcomes children of all abilities. However, each child with special needs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and we do have the right to deny a registration if we feel we are unable to properly care for a child. If your child has an assistant at school for behavioural issues or special needs, which would make it difficult for your child to attend camp on their own, we would ask that you send a qualified person to attend with your child. LBC is not wheelchair accessible.

Will LBC return items of lost property my child leaves behind?

All lost & found items not claimed at the end of a camp session are brought into Regina. If you are looking for an item, please email lbcregistrar@gmail.com to inquire if it has been found. Items will be kept for 4 weeks, after which time they will be donated to a local charity. 

LBC will attempt to contact owners of items that have a readable name on them. It will be your responsibility to come and pick up the item from a specified location. 

Can my child contact me? How can I get in touch with them?

Camp is an opportunity for children to get away, meet new friends and build a community. There are no opportunities for campers to contact parents or other family. Campers are not to bring smart phones, cell phones, iPads, iPods music players – any type of technology other than a camera as long as it cannot send or receive messages. There is no internet access for campers.

Can LBC accommodate food allergies and preferences?

LBC will work to accommodate special dietary needs such as gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian diets. LBC is a nut aware facility. 

Following registration, a camp affiliate will contact you before camp to assess your child’s needs, level of severity and course of action. Selected non-allergin foods (ex. soy milk, gluten-free bread, etc) will be available, with some fluctuation, from week to week. If what is available is not to your child’s liking or specific brands are desired, the family may be ask for some provision of food.

LBC wishes to ensure a healthy and safe week for all our campers, however our facilities may not be to meet the needs of those with severe allergies. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your camper's needs. 

Is LBC a church camp? What will my camper be exposed to?

LBC is proud to be a United Church camp. The United Church of Canada is a progressive and liberal Christian denomination. The United Church has a long tradition of spiritual freedom, with a wide theological spectrum and a diversity of interpretations and understandings. We celebrate our diversity of beliefs, and encourage one another to ask questions as part of exploring and deepening faith.

We explore and deepen faith through various forms of social justice, environmental advocacy and promotion of a more compassionate and inclusive community. LBC welcomes and supports people of all faith backgrounds (and no faith background); while some people at camp are from the United Church, many are not.

You can learn more about LBC's Faith Formation Philosophy in this document: Faith Formation at LBC