Started in 1905 (yes, you read that right…) Lumsden Beach Camp is the oldest summer camp in Western Canada. Located just 40 minutes outside of Regina near Lumsden Beach, LBC is the camp that’s got it down-pat – from trained leaders and nutritional meals, to an exceptional experience for young people. Because after more than 100 years, we’ve got summer camp down to a science.

Lumsden Beach Camp is about more than keeping kids busy because it’s summer – it’s about taking the time to build a community, discover the natural world, develop leadership skills, and create an environment where kids flourish – both inside and out.

LBC is proud to be a United Church camp. The United Church of Canada is a progressive and liberal Christian institution. It is rooted in various forms of social justice issues, environmental advocacy and promotion of a more compassionate and inclusive community. LBC supports people of all faith backgrounds and while some people at camp are from the United Church, many are not. Time for reflection and spiritual development is built into each day at camp.