Mission, Board + Bylaws

Mission Statement

Lumsden Beach Camp is a safe, inclusive and sustainable camping community that fosters relationships, leadership, faith in God, environmental stewardship and a connection to nature.

Board of Directors

Lumsden Beach Camp is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. The Board of Directors meets monthly to make decisions that influence the long term direction of the camp and the management of the operations. In addition to the Board, several committees operate to accomplish the mandate set out by the Board.

The 2023-24 Board of Directors are:

Chelsey Vargo-Wilson
Mike Hadwen
Shirley Bartz
Kara Moen
Susan Black
Vicki Conway
Andrea Stronski
Wendy Therens
Courtney Thomson

Kylie Orr serves as Lumsden Beach Camp's Executive Director.

The LBC Bylaws

LBC Bylaws
(Adopted at LBC AGM on November 18, 2019

2023 Annual Report

Learn a bit more about the summer that was and who made it happen. 
2023 Annual Report