Lumsden Beach Camp relies on the efforts of volunteers each and every summer. For each camp session, we require people to fill several positions. See the list of volunteer positions below. As incentive to volunteer for our most needed positions (medical, assistant cook, maintenance, childcare (if needed). LBC offers a deduction on camper fees for volunteering. There may also be other volunteer positions available. Please get in touch with us if you would like to offer your time or skills to LBC. 

When using online registration for your camper, please indicate that you would like to volunteer and we will be in touch about opportunities. Additionally, people who indicate that they are volunteering will be invoiced after their application has been accepted. 

Apply Today!

To ensure the safety of our campers, all volunteers are required to submit an application and a  criminal record check.

Please fill out this form.  Once we review your application someone will be in touch. If you do not hear from an LBC representative or have any questions please email ynotu@lumsdenbeachcamp.com or (306) 510-6135

Who does the work "behind the scenes"?

Many people work each year on the Board and a variety of committees to make Lumsden Beach Camp happen each summer. We are parents, grandparents, students, and professionals. Some of us have been to camp since we were children, and others are new to the LBC community. We share a passion for camping and know the value that camp brings to people of all ages. Committees may meet infrequently or regularly. We are looking for skills in finance, fundraising, property, promotions, food and human resources. Let us know about your interests and your time commitment.

Email us at ynotu@lumdenbeachcamp.com for more information about available spots and what you can do to serve at LBC.

List of Summer Volunteer Positions...

Medical Personnel (Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, Graduate Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician)

In cooperation with the Camp Director, the Medical Personnel is responsible for the health and safety of the campers, staff and volunteers. In addition dispersing medication and attending to all health concerns, they promote positive health habits and practices.

Child Care:

The Child Care Provider cares for the children of staff and volunteers. They are responsible for organizing and leading activities appropriate to the children's interests and maturity.


Our Kitchen volunteers are responsible for helping the cook prepare nutritious meals for the campers, volunteers and staff. Duties often include prepping food, doing dishes and keeping the kitchen clean. 

Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance assistants provide help to our maintenance staff for the upkeep and improvement of our camping facilities. (e.g. Painting, mowing lawn, general repairs)

If you have any questions contact Kylie at (306) 510-6135 or email ynotu@lumsdenbeachcamp.com


Thank you for giving your time to Lumsden Beach Camp. Summers can not be successful without the work of many, many individuals volunteering for this special place. 

Volunteer Deduction

Volunteers are needed in many different capacities, and volunteer positions are eligible for a deduction of camper fees. Adult volunteers are eligible to deduct $30/day of volunteering off their child or grandchild's camper fees. It is not necessary to volunteer at the same camp your child attends to receive this deduction. Volunteers under 16 years of age are not eligible for the volunteer deduction.

Non-Registered Children at Camp

Volunteers are able to bring their non-registered children to camp while volunteering.

  • All children of camper age must be registered for camp. Non-registered children must be immediate family of the volunteer who they normally provide care for.
  • Each non-registered camper must have a completed medical form submitted to the medical personnel. All medications, including over-the-counter, medications must be stored in the medical cabin.
  • There will be a charge of $10 per day per child aged 8 years or older and/or each child over the maximum of two children, to cover room and board and/or child care cost, (the adult volunteer will have free room and board)
  • To allow the volunteer to fulfill their volunteer duties while having additional children at camp LBC will provide child care for children 10 years of age or younger.
  • Child care is provided for the time in which the volunteer is actively fulfilling their volunteer duties. It is the volunteer's responsibility to supervise the child at all other times.
  • If the child is over 12 years of age, they may assist with a volunteer position.

Reminders for adults volunteering whose child is a registered camper

  • The child is a part of the camp community and the camp staff will be responsible for the camper.
  • Try to treat your child like you would treat all other campers.
  • Camp is an opportunity for campers to develop independence. Adults volunteering should encourage their camping child to make new friends and participate in all camp activities.