Registration Policies

If you like to request a paper registration form and brochure, please email and give us your mailing address.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable administration fee of $60.00 will be retained per camper per camp. If a camper withdraws from camp is less than two weeks from the beginning of camp then 50% of the registration fee paid will be retained.

If a camper must withdraw for medical reasons a full refund (minus $60 admin fee) will be issued pending a doctor's note. This refund will only apply if the request and note are provided prior to the start of their session. 

Volunteer Deduction

LBC is always looking for volunteers at camp. To encourage volunteerism, LBC offers $30/day off of registration fees for one camper when an individual volunteers for the camp session which the youth attends.

The eligible deduction may be transferred to another camp session. Volunteers under 16 years of age are not eligible for the volunteer deduction. For more information, check out the volunteer page.

Financial Assistance

At Lumsden Beach Camp, we believe in the positive power of camp and want to ensure that finances are never a barrier to a child experiencing a week of camp.

In order to remove barriers LBC maintains a special fund to provide financial assistance to families. Families can apply for any amount. Funds are also available for one-to-one cabin leaders, day camps, travel to camp, camping supplies, or other expenses.

Financial Assistance is granted based on need, demand, and availability of funds. The deadline to apply for financial assistance is May 1. Applicants will be notified as to the level of financial assistance provided no later than June 1, and will be invoiced for any amounts still owing to the camp. Applications that come in after the May 1 deadline will still be considered, however chance of funds being granted are reduced.

Please register your camper for a session as soon as possible to ensure that they get a spot. Depending on the funds available, applications may be approved as received. 

How to apply:

1) Fill out the Financial Assistance Request Form and email it to:

2) Fill out the Financial Assistance Request Form and mail it to:

Lumsden Beach Camp
Box 33172
Regina, SK. S4T 7X2

3) Call Kylie at 306-510-6135

Other Things to Note:

  1. Families can apply for multiple campers, however each camper is only eligible for financial aid for one session each year.
  2. Applicants must reapply for financial assistance each year.
  3. Financial assistance is available for any LBC program (registration, camper personal assistant, LIT, etc.).

All applications for financial assistance received by Lumsden Beach Camp will be kept confidential. Only the Executive Director and Bookkeeper will be aware that an application has been made, except in the cases where extra staff will be hired or other changes to the typical camp structure, in which case the Camp Director will also be aware. 

Special Needs Campers

Lumsden Beach Camp welcomes special need campers. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to handle wheelchair-bound children. If the child has special needs (i.e. ADHD, Downs Syndrome, physical or developmental disability, etc.) that may affect his/her time at camp you must inform us on your registration form. LBC is not responsible for finding or financing counsellors/personal attendants for special needs campers. A plan for your camper and personal attendant will be created in partnership with the camp director prior to the beginning of camp. A room and board fee of $15 per day will be charged for the personal attendant to cover the cost of food.

Campers with Severe Allergies

Lumsden Beach Camp cannot ensure a nut free environment or an environment free from other life threatening allergies. The camp will attempt to limit the exposure of these elements, but campers who have life-threatening allergies are advised to register at their own risk.

Campers are asked to indicate on their medical form if they have allergies. Upon arrival at camp the camp medical person will discuss their allergy with them and their parent and develop a plan for dealing with it. If the allergy is known to be anaphylactic in nature then the plan will be shared with all camp staff. The camp medical person will make notes of the allergy plan for that specific child and keep a record of that in the log.

It is recommended that campers who carry EPIPENS bring two EPIPENS to camp and keep one EPIPEN with them at all times and one with their counsellor.

When a camp includes a camper with an EPIPEN, all camp staff will be advised by the medical person and the child on proper procedure for the EPIPEN.

The child must administer the EPIPEN themselves. Someone may assist the child.

If the child has any serious allergic response while at camp the child must be seen by a physician and have a note from a physician before they will be allowed to return to camp.

Conditions of Enrollment

All camper families must read and sign conditions of enrollment and the Over-the-Counter Medications Consent If possible, please be prepared for this at your camper's drop off day.

You can download and print the Conditions of Enrollment here. 
Conditions of Enrollment

You can download and print Over-the-Counter Medications Consent here.
Over-the-Counter Medications Consent

Camper Behaviour & Discipline Policy

Lumsden Beach Camp provides a safe and nurturing environment to our campers, volunteers and staff. Respect and trust are the most important elements of our camp experience. We ask that before you send your camper off to camp, please talk to them about respecting other campers, the staff, camp policies and the camp facilities. We reserve the right to contact the parent/guardian of any camper who refuses to respect other campers or staff. Abusive and/or inappropriate language and actions, harming campers or staff, and destruction of camp property are not tolerated. The camper will be sent home with no refund and potentially billed for damage caused to property.

Registration Open Dates

Registration typically opens March 1 each year. If that changes, we'll make sure to post it here on our website, on our social media and send out an email newsletter.

Campers can be registered online (by clicking the orange registration button) or through a paper form mailed in. If you'd prefer paper, please email

Lumsden Beach Camp
Box 33172
Regina, SK. S4T 7X2